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Abu 2

Today has been a very difficult day for the Jardinet dels Gats team, especially for the President of the organisaton Mari, and for me who knew you even before the Jardinet came to be. You were always there, on the roof, looking down at all the people passing by…..confident. When the Jardinet started , you … Read more

The nameless

We’re referring to all those cats, large or small, whose company we never got the chance to enjoy, whose time on this earth was fleeting, who were rescued too late…you want to kick yourself for not getting to them sooner. Lifeless little bodies eaten away by the fleas, drowned by the rain, too weak or … Read more


Aby 2

This farewell has been written by Diana, her friend and foster carer. Abi, my beloved Abi….I still remember the first day I saw you at the Jardinet dels Gats. You were in a cage, stretched out over your cat litter box and hissing… I also remember the day that I decided to take you home … Read more


nita 2

Nita has left a great void in her human companion’s life, so no one would be more fit to say goodbye than her….. I adopted Nita 3 and a half years ago. One of the Jardinet carers brought her to my house. She was around 4 or 5 years old when I adopted her. I … Read more


Caster was rescued together with Land (now happily adopted). Following many failed attempts, day after day of waiting, we finally managed to catch him. Whenever we rescue a cat, we always picture a happy ending for them…….health, love and quite possibly an adoption……but with Caster we never even got the chance to day dream. He … Read more