Leo 2

Leo left us a few weeks ago but it’s still really difficult to write a farewell for such a strong cat as him. He was a fighter who had no choice but to be strong and face up to all the atrocities that he`s had to endure over the past years. Leo was one of … Read more


Koku 2

We’re not going to lie….Koku’s story is a tragic one. Firstly, we don’t know where she came from. We only know that she showed up one day in the Jardinet in a pitiful state. Koku was quite an old cat, a house cat at one time with beautiful fur and a sweetness of temper. However … Read more


fufo 2

Fufo’s case is one that makes your blood boil, one that makes you lose all faith in humanity that is increasingly less humane. “They left” Fufo, a pure bred cat, in a pitiful state. His fur was in an awful mess and he obviously hadn’t been looked after. He also had a fracture in one … Read more


Brut 2

Brut (Catalan for dirty) was rescued from the dirt, the cold and oblivion. Brut arrived at the Jardinet, as his name indicates , dirty and in a pitiful state……but this fantastic cat really surprised us all when he became one of those cats who goes to greet you at the door, not only for his daily feed, but … Read more


Bobo 2

Bobo was from the Jardinet. He was a really good cat! At first, he had problems trusting us. He climbed up onto the roof and refused to come down, which is where he got his name from, Bobo, for not letting us love him. But Bobo soon learnt that in in our beloved Jardinet we … Read more


Yayo 2

Talking about Yayo inevitably brings tears to your eyes. His name (Catalan for Granddad) says everything, but he wasn’t actually really such an old cat……Yayo was very special…his character, his face, his voice…..just great in every sense. He was calm and patient, and when you stroked him he would meow in a really funny way that made … Read more



Cler very clearly had a gift, the gift of making you feel at peace and calm, something that I’ve never seen in a cat before ,and to date haven’t seen again. She was so tremendously sweet and loving, and one look into her beautiful green eyes would have you falling at her paws. She showed … Read more


Vega 3

The sadness of this rainy Saturday has been intensified by the passing of our beloved Vega. We rescued this lovely little cat off the street a few years ago. Ever since then she has been in the Jardinet and, although she was a little snooty, she always came to say hello to us at the … Read more


Pixie 2

Pixie was a prominent member of the Jardinet. There are very few memories and photos of the colony in which his sweet and characteristic little face doesn’t appear. Pixie and his inseparable “love” Pony were such a sweet couple, so much so that if he was too tired or ill to clean himself then she … Read more



Pau lived in one of the controlled colonies, located in Sant Pau. When he was removed from the area, along with his fellow cats, we realised that he was in very poor health. He was so thin and his fur was really rough….But he was a really cheerful and loving cat that won over any … Read more