The sadness of this rainy Saturday has been intensified by the passing of our beloved Vega. We rescued this lovely little cat off the street a few years ago. Ever since then she has been in the Jardinet and, although she was a little snooty, she always came to say hello to us at the door. She loved her food and was very inquisitive, always investigating what was going on in the colony, always alert…… After many ups and downs Vega’s health had been slowly declining until today when she left us (7/9/2013).

We prefer to remember her as the chubby and fluffy little cat with her startled little tiger face. She will always be with us. Now she will play, and maybe stroked by whoever is waiting for her in cat heaven along with all those who previously left us including Abu, Pixie, Tigris….. All of them will be playing with an never-ending ball of wool, in a place that we hope is very similar to our own Jardinet dels Gats.