Hi, my name’s Bastet.

I’m a female cat of around 8 years. I was rescued from a building site where my kittens and I were in danger. Luckily I was in a foster home all the time that I was nursing my kittens, but I really didn’t like living locked up and I got very anxious. I even used to bang myself against the windows, so they decided to take me to El Jardinet after many months of working with me to socialise me; but I like my freedom, although with time I’m starting to think that a home is the best option. I’ve lived in El Jardinet dels Gats for some years. I’m very well integrated and I co-habit very well with both the cats who have lived here with me for a while and the new cats that come to live in El Jardinet. What’s more, for a while now I’ve been feeling much more calm in the presence of humans. I’m a very curious cat and every time there’s a change in the garden, I observe it very attentively, and I even go right over to them to see what they’re doing.

I need sponsors for my maintenance and visits to the vet. If you want to sponsor me, complete the following form and the person in charge of sponsorship will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

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