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If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you are looking to extend your family. We will help you make the right decision when it comes to adopting a cat. When you decide to adopt a cat, many thinks need to be taken into consideration. One of them is that they will live in your house and they will let you live with them. Your cat will decide when it wants to play, eat and sleep…..and you will become a part of the decisions they make, including when you sleep!

Your adopted cat will give you lots of love. They will also make you laugh although there will be times when you don’t want them to do something such as stretch out on your clean washing or on the table whilst you are eating……You will need to be very understanding.

Cats are born and grow. When they come to us we know almost nothing about their past i.e: if they’ve been treated very well, if they’ve got lost or if they have been abused and abandoned. What we do know is that once they overcome the events of their past life, they are extremely grateful animals, are capable of trusting humans again and are able to love you for the rest of their life.

In order to achieve this, we seek the best family for the cat and the best cat for the family. We
take into account how many people and animals live in the home, their lifestyle, how long they spend at home, whether there are children, elderly people living there, etc. That way we ensure that the period of adaptation goes as smoothly as possible. We also follow up after the adoption with the aim of making sure that the decision made has been the right one.
Adopting is something that makes us a lot more understanding, something that fills our lives and of those around us. For that reason the mutual understanding and conviction of all the family members is required.

Please feel free to read the descriptions, characters and stories of each cat that is up for adoption to see which will best fit in with you and your family. The adoption team will also assess which cat they feel is best suited for each adopter.

Most of the cats for adoption are staying in temporary foster homes which allows us to get to know the character and state of mind of the cat, in addition to observe their physical as well as emotional evolution after being rescued by the Jardinet.

To adopt one of our cats, adopters are required to sign a contract and follow up after the adoption has taken place is carried out. In addition, all our cats are taken to the vets where they are tested for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and leukaemia. They are also treated for internal and external parasites, receive the FVRCP and leukaemia vaccine, and they are chipped and spayed/neutered. If they are to young to be neutered/spayed, when they are adopted, the adopter can take them to our veterinary partner when the cat is old enough. A donation is made to cover veterinary bills to 160€.

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