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If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you are looking to extend your family. We will help you make the right decision when it comes to adopting a cat.

When you decide to share your life with a cat, you have to take into account many things, one of them is that he will live in his home and let you live with him.
He will decide when he will want to play, eat, sleep… And he’ll make you participate in his decision, even when you’re sleeping!
The most important thing before reading, is that you know that the adoption process is not immediate, usually lasts between three and four weeks, where interviews are held, visits to the cat, etc.
And above all, the fundamental requirement to give a cat in adoption is to protect all exterior accesses, balconies and windows in a highly secure way.
Because cats are curious of ore and most escapists.
They can often fall while in a window because they see a bird passing through, or an insect, others on their exits can fall and or end up badly damaged,
Having to deal with very high veterinary bills and be left with serious physical consequences due to the fall, because no matter how flexible a cat is, it does not always fall 4 legs.

In other cases they end up lost, run over or killed. And we are dedicated to rescue them, therefore, we do it to prevent the animal as far as possible from having everything it takes for a happy life when it has to be adopted.
Protections are the main requirement, more than fifteen years of experience and hundreds of adopted cats and lived experiences, make our process perhaps a little long, but it is the safest way to give a second life to rescued cats.
There are several companies that are professionally dedicated to closing down and obviously it is an added cost to adoption, everything that implies adapting the home to the newcomer, but thinks that it can live between 10 and 18 years, if you look at the cost, for the years of life of the animal, it is an investment that is very worthwhile.

But we can also help you by explaining simpler ways to do it. what you must be clear about is that, no matter how much a cat likes you or in advance of the process, if the protections are not safe or are not in all the necessary spaces, we will not go ahead with adoption.

We spend a lot of time and voluntary work efforts to find the best family for each cat, therefore, we ask you to be patient and read the materials we send you throughout the process. Adopting a cat/a decision for the whole life of the animal, so you have to think very well, that you will do with your life for the next 10 or 18 years, because it depends on you, on your decision.

It will give you a lot of love, peace, many times of smiles and laughter and, from time to time, it will take you out of place and you will feel like you say “NO” or “Shtshthsht” when you are stretching on the clothes you have just washed or on the table while you dine… You have to consider that you have to be very understanding!

The kittens are born and grow and when they reach us we almost never know their past: if they have treated them very well and have been lost or if they have suffered a lot and have abandoned them. What we do know is that, once they overcome the loss of their old life, they are incredibly grateful beings, who are able to regain confidence in humans and love you all their lives.

To achieve this, we look for the best family for the cat and the best cat for the family.

We will take into account how many people and animals live at home, their way of life, the hours spent outside the house, children, grandparents… So that everyone’s adaptation is good, we also follow up after adoption, to make sure that the decision was right!

Adopting is an act that makes us more understanding, fills us with the life and that of the people around us, that is why it is essential the complicity and conviction of all the members of the family!
You will be able to read the descriptions, characteristics and stories about each of the cats that are in adoption in order to see which is the cat that best fits you and your family.

The adoption team advises on which is the most suitable cat for each adopter.
Most cats in adoption are hosted in temporary homes, so it allows us to know their character and state, and also follow their evolution both physically and emotionally after being rescued by the entity
Our cats are adopted under contract and follow-up. In addition, they pass through the vet, where the immunodeficiency and leukaemia test is carried out, they depart internally and externally, they vacuate trivalent and leukaemia, they put their chip and sterilize. In case of not having the age to sterilize, at the time of adoption, the adopter will take the cat/a to sterilize in our agreed veterinarian when he/she is old enough to do so. A donation is made in concept of the veterinary expenses of 160€ for cat, to cover part of the veterinary protocol. At a normal price Clinic the cost is 300€ to 400€ female, depending on whether

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