Cat information platform

It is born with the spirit of disseminating information that may be of interest to feline lovers, as well as showing different projects and good practices that can help us improve in the management of colonies and in dealing with our cats.

Designed to help individuals, entities, companies and the public sector for the ethical management of street cats and abandoned. The observatory will be a useful tool with information of interest to all those feline lovers, where we can learn new and stimulating things for them and for us. Generate workshops, advice and training to improve management for cats.

We hope to be able to nourish this project with interesting information, both at the veterinary level, as well as the valid information on diseases, as a level of behavior, putting at the service of those who need our experience and our knowledge.

The 1st Feline Cycle was carried out in 2016 – “Let’s talk about Cats”

At 2018 the 2nd Feline Cycle – “Feline Volunteering”

At 2019 the 3rd – “The Good Practices in Feline Care”

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