I’m Yuma, I was abandoned in a colony, I’m a young girl, and a small girl. I’m sterilized, cypressed, with vaccines and deparasitations a day, and negative testing of Immunodeficiency and leukaemia. I love to be with other cats, I’m very fond and curious. If you’re thinking about extending the family, you know I’m an … Read more


I’m Lenny the last of the brothers who used to live with Lola, Pelusina, Rubio, Pintadeta and Ametlla, we’re left with mom, Lola and I to adopt, We’ve been very lucky and they rescued us in the Garden, all my brothers and sisters have been adopted/since. I’m 9 years old, I’m sterilized, chipped, with the … Read more


My name is Kali, I’m a beautiful 1-year-old black cat. I need a few days to lose fear and adapt, because I’ve never been in a home, and it’s all new to me, but with a little patience, I let my side out sweeter and playful and dedicate some to another rroneo. I’m beautiful, funny … Read more


My name is Kiowa, I am a 12-year-old senior cat, and I also have diabetes, I know that this makes it much more difficult to have an opportunity to be adopted, but we are looking for a very special home for me, my mistress had to move, You know because of the crisis… and in … Read more

Miki & Rodolfo

We are Miki and Rodolfo Two cats aged 13 and 15, at this point in our lives, we need a joint adoption, our human has had to walk away and could not bring us with him. Now we’re looking for a familia preferably calm to enjoy a deserved retirement.It’s welcome as adoption, because our foster … Read more


Hi I’m Rosita! I’ve been in a foster home for a while, because I used to live in the Jardinet, but after receiving so much pampering and attention from the whole team, they thought that in a home maybe I would be happy, and my rhinitis would improve and that’s it, I’m a kitten beautiful, … Read more

Neo & Bruna

We are Neo and Bruna, two 6 year old brothers. We have always lived together, so we are looking for a double adoption that will allow us to stay together. In addition to being very handsome, they are very affectionate and sociable. Neo is more sensitive and demands more attention and Bruna is a little … Read more