I’m Nena, I’m five months old, I was born on April 24, along with Negri and grissi, they say I’m very playful, I’m a puppy. I’ve been taken aback, but I have to go through the vet, If you are interested in /da when you meet me, send an email to or fill the … Read more


Hello, I’m the Negri, I’m five months old, I was born on April 24, 2022, the most moved and gossip of the three brothers, I’m waiting to go to the vet, but I’ve already been fired If you’re interested in adopting me, send an email to or fill the form I’ll be waiting for … Read more


I’m in Grisi, a male, playful and sweet born on April 24, 2022, 5 months I’ve got to go through the veterinarian, but I’ve been derailed I look for adoptive family If you are interested /a you can fill in the form or send an email to eljardinetdelsgatsadoptions

Haku & Oreo

Hi we are Haku and Oreo, We’re eight months old, we’re sisters and we’re looking for a joint home to live happily. We are looking for a quiet home, without dogs or children because, as we said at the beginning, it is difficult for us to adapt and we are a little bit greedy, but … Read more


I’m Luke, I’m 7 years old, I’m very affectionate, even if I’m a little scared, until I take confidence. I’m sterilized, cypathized, vaccinated, and internal and external deparasity, and I’m also tested negative for Felv and Fiv. I’m pretty quiet, so I’m looking for a home to break it, without children, because I’m afraid when … Read more


I’m Danita, a beautiful, very playful, sociable cat, I’m going to be four years this July. I’m sterilized, tested negative by Felv and Fiv, chipped and with vaccines a day. I’m looking for a family to grow up and share beautiful moments for the rest of my life. You want to take a cat, are … Read more


My name is Kiowa, I am a 12-year-old senior cat, and I also have diabetes, I know that this makes it much more difficult to have an opportunity to be adopted, but we are looking for a very special home for me, my mistress had to move, You know because of the crisis… and in … Read more

Miki & Rodolfo

We are Miki and Rodolfo Two cats aged 13 and 15, at this point in our lives, we need a joint adoption, our human has had to walk away and could not bring us with him. Now we’re looking for a familia preferably calm to enjoy a deserved retirement.It’s welcome as adoption, because our foster … Read more