I’m the Panty , and I’m adopted! I’m very Happy my brothers of Grissi, Nena and Negri I was born on April 24, 2022. I’m just going through the vete, we’re just distinguishing ourselves with the Negri by a white spot on the very small belly, we’d like to go together but we can live … Read more


I’m Sashimi a three-year-old male cat, very good and quiet,and I’m adopted!!!! I’m sterilized, cypathized, vaccinated, and internal and external deparasity and immuno and leukemia testate. If you’re looking for an ideal partner, this is Sashimi.


I’m Nena, I’m adopted I’m five months old, I was born on April 24, along with Negri and grissi, they say I’m very playful, I’m a puppy. I’ve been taken aback, but I have to go through the vet, If you are interested in /da when you meet me, send an email to or … Read more


Hello, I’m the Negri, and I’m dopted!!! I’m five months old, I was born on April 24, 2022, the most moved and gossip of the three brothers, I’m waiting to go to the vet, but I’ve already been fired


I’m in Grisi, a male, playful and sweet born on April 24, 2022, 5 months and I’m Adopted!! I’ve got to go through the veterinarian, but I’ve been derailed


I’m Frida, a three-year-old cat, they say I’m funny, very smart and caring.I’m adopted and I’m very happy. Besides, I can live with other cats I’m sterilized, chipmed, with vaccines and daybreaking and negative Felv and Fiv testing. Thank you


I’m Luke, I’m 7 years old, I’m very affectionate, even if I’m a little scared, until I take confidence and I’m ADOPTED I’m sterilized, cypathized, vaccinated, and internal and external deparasity, and I’m also tested negative for Felv and Fiv. I’m pretty quiet, so I’m looking for a home to break it, without children, because … Read more


I’m Momon, And finally they adopted me after almost a year of tenure that they abandoned me.I’m very happy because I have a family. A one-year-old cat, sterilized, chipated, vaccinated, and deparasity, looking for a definitive home.I am very playful, fun and sociable. I have an aergy problem, but it’s solved by a daily medication, … Read more


I’m Yuma, I was abandoned in a colony, I’m a young girl, and a small girl.I’m very happy because of my foster home, I’ve found a new family. I’m sterilized, cypressed, with vaccines and deparasitations a day, and negative testing of Immunodeficiency and leukaemia. I love to be with other cats, I’m very fond and … Read more


I’m adopted!! My name is Janin, I’m a very loving, sociable cat, I’m five years old and I’m looking for a family with which to spend the rest of my life, share rronose, games and naps, I love a good place to sleep hotto and always have a human close to me. You know how … Read more