Presidenta Kurimi

I am President Kurimi I just left the Garden, my body was tired, and a tumor just finished finishing, I lived very happy in the Garden. I’ve been the resistance, the last in my colony, until 21 March 2021 finally fell into the cage trap. I’m stunned and very senior, I’m very arthrous, but I … Read more


I’m Neo, I came to the Garden of a park where I lived with other cats, I was fatal, from the mouth, from the kidneys, with arthrosis and I was positive at Inmuno, but they didn’t care about them and they placed me with other colleagues in the park, it took me a little bit … Read more


Hola! Me llamo Suri y soy una gatita de 13 años! Mi humana no se podía hacer cargo de mi por enfermedad grave y en el Jardinet me han prometido que me buscarán una nueva familia que me quiera mucho! Debido a mi edad, tomo pienso renal y medicación. Soy buena, sociable y cariñosa. Busco … Read more


i’M Frankie I died few months ago. I live happy in the Garden of the Cats.


I’m Gardfield Another of the red kittens that lived in the Gats Garden, along with Lola and Timida. I’ve lived very happily and loved all the team, they rescued me and gave me a safe life, with food and care, and I’ve been very happy my last years in the Garden. Thank you very much … Read more


I’m Caballero I died a few months ago. I live happy in the garden of the cats.


Princep I lived for many years in a park, until I was rescued and taken to the Garden, where I lived a good life, full of affection and attention. It was very hard for the whole team to lose, even though I had been suffering from chronic kidney disease for a long time, and my … Read more