I’m Caballero I died a few months ago. I live happy in the garden of the cats.


Princep I lived for many years in a park, until I was rescued and taken to the Garden, where I lived a good life, full of affection and attention. It was very hard for the whole team to lose, even though I had been suffering from chronic kidney disease for a long time, and my … Read more


My name is Florinda I was rescued years after my sister Kinder lived with her in the Cats Garden, where I was very happy, because they come volunteers and volunteers every day to look after us, to feed us and to play with us. On 01/12/22 I crossed the rainbow, and I would like to … Read more


I’m the Eyes, I lived for many years in a colony, where I had to spend the day hiding from the dangers, now I live in the Jardinet, they have operated on one eye and the sight of the other is minimal, but in the Jardinet, I have lived protected, cared for and loved. On … Read more