My name is Kiowa, I am a 12-year-old senior cat, and I also have diabetes, I know that this makes it much more difficult to have an opportunity to be adopted, but we are looking for a very special home for me, my mistress had to move, You know because of the crisis… and in the rental apartment where he was they didn’t let him have animals, and he had to seek help to find me a new home. It very sweet and affectionate, my ideal environment is a quiet family, without children because I  stress a lot with the quitxalla, I’m already big and I need calm.
I ‘m sterilized, xipada, vaccinated, dewormed internally and externally and tested negative for Immunodeficiency and leukemia.

If you are thinking about adopting and you think you can give me what I need, a lot of affection and veterinary attention, for my diabetes, do not hesitate to fill out the form or send an email to

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