Following many requests by our adopters and followers, we at the Jardinet dels Gats are pleased to announce the launch of our new cat sitting service!

The aim is to help all those who have a cat and would like to go on holiday /travel for business purposes safely in the knowledge that their precious kitty is being well looked after!  A team of experienced volunteers will take care of your cat whilst you are away from home. You can choose a cat sitter in accordance with the area that they live in. Alternatively, you can interview our cat sitters and choose the candidate that you like the most.

Our cat sitting service is also a way of helping us to self manage the organisation as a percentage of the donations will go to the maintenance and care of the cats rescued by the Jardinet dels Gats.

Thus, not only are you leaving your cat in good hands whilst you are away but, you are also helping out the Jardinet at the same time. The donation for our cat sitting services is €10 and, in return for your generous contribution, our dedicated cat sitters will pop by your home for an hour during which time they will clean out the cat litter tray and change the water and food bowl wherever necessary, as well as pet and play with your feline friend for a good while. the first visit are 6€ to donation for visit and the keys, and the others, ara 16€ for hour donated to the Jardinet. If you are away for a week you can request a visit from our cat sitters every other day (3 days) or have someone pass by to see your kitty everyday depending on their individual needs.

For our cat sitting service you will need to fill out a basic questionnaire on your cat indicating whether they have any illnesses or special needs, as well as  stating any important data, your pet’s character, food habits and if they like to play, etc.  We will also need your pet’s vaccination records and the address of the vets you take your cat to.  The following things should also be available in your home while you are away: cat litter, water, dry food, tinned food if they eat it, toys to play with and brushes.  We will also need an emergency contact in Barcelona. We do have our own vets in the event that your cat needs attending to. 

We will contact you via whatsapp and/or mail where we will let you know how the visit went. The doors in your home should all be closed to avoid your cat escaping (patio doors, windows, balconies, etc). 

Finally, here is a list of our cat sitters:

  • Alex    
  • Cristian   
  • Pedro 
  • Auri     
  • La iaia de los gatos  (Cat lady)
  • Silvia    
  • Johanna 
  • Esther

If you would like further information on our catsitting service, please fill out the form below or send an email to:

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