Collaborating entities

Cooperating entities can be businesses or freelance workers who would like to collaborate with the Jardinet dels Gats organisation whether it involves helping us carry out our projects, telling people about the work we do, collecting donations or working directly with the organisation.

In this way they demonstrate their concern for the welfare of animals and, above all, their support for the work we do. In addition, it is a very important aspect of corporate social responsibility as it helps us to carry on doing what we’re doing.

Listed below are organisations, establishments, and friend associations recommended by the Jardinet dels Gats:


Catsitting servi...

Catsitting service managers

Pati and Sergio, sleep the managers of the squad of Kangaroos of the Jardinet of the Cats, commission of the coordination of the kicks and of the squad of volunteering of Kangaroos in order that all the kick function and the cats and cats that take care are well attended and attended and his humans can enjoy of some days out of home, for work or for holidays.

"Everyone who has a cat suffers when we have to leave for a few days and leave our furry sun at home. The babysitting service offers us the possibility that someone you trust visit you and make you feel accompanied and appreciated in our absence. We love being able to help owners and kittens get along better during these days of separation."


Volunteering Team

Volunteering Team

Eva and Silvia are responsible for volunteering at the entity, they are in charge of the selection, the coordination with the teams, the human resources of the entity, so that everything works correctly and we can serve all the felines that we are in charge of.

"Volunteering is the most important part of the organization, but we take care of its selection, training, management and work with dedication and care for people to strengthen the organization and the sense of belonging to it."




Alex is co-founder of the Jardinet. She is in charge of managing the entire organisation which includes the following: coordinating the different teams and the rescues carried out, the financial management, the budget and balance sheets, drafting of reports, and the creation and coordination of diverse administrative projects and tasks.

"El Jardinet dels Gats, is a dream come true, thanks to my mother Mari and my father Paco, with whom we created a space of second chances, it’s magic, a safe space to live for the cats rescued from abandonment, of inner courtyards and streets of Ciutat Vella, an ethical management of stray cats. A safe and loving place where they feel happy and cared for properly, thanks to all the nice people who collaborate with the organization. "


Head of Organiza...

Head of Organization Team Fairs and Events-

Auri is in charge of coordinating the team of Fires and events, the activities such as the MerCat second hand clothes market, etc..

"When I entered the garden of the cats I did not know, that what I would find would be a fantastic human team. Being of the Jardinet has helped me grow as a person."


Responsible temp...

Responsible temporal received homes.

Victoria is the  volunteer in charge of managing the temporary foster homes. She is very well organised as, immediately after a cat has been rescued and taken to the vets, they have a foster home to go to. They organise how the cats will be taken to their new home, as well as monitor their subsequent adaptation and reaction. In this way, we can obtain as much information as possible about each one of the cats thus allowing us to find the ideal adopter, taking into account the character of both the adopter family and the cat in question.

"At El Jardinet dels Gats, I connect with Life, with Love, with all human and non-human beings ... I feel that I am part of an invisible network of love that unites us and changes the world."


Responsible Comp...

Responsible Comptability

Esther is in charge of carrying out one of the most important, yet less visible, tasks in the Jardinet. She does the organisation accounting in order to establish how we are doing financially, as well as determine how we can continue raising money to help the cats.

"Thanks to the love and dedication of all the volunteers The Jardinet of the Cats returns the worthy life at all the cats abandoned. Each life is only and valuable , here commences his new history".


Responsible dona...

Responsible donations

Esther takes care of the sponsoring of the cats that live in the Jardinet. The sponsors are vital for the Jardinet dels Gats as they help us pay vet bills and care for the cats. Esther provides information and sends photos of their cat, or each of their cats, to the sponsors so they can see how they are getting on thanks to their donations.

Being a volunteer at the Jardinet has allowed me to meet people who, like me, give importance to the welfare of cats and all animals.

At Jardinet dels Gats, I have learned the importance of rescuing, sterilizing, finding a foster home for each cat and, finally, finding the best adoption home for each one of them. Also, it has taught me that you can volunteer in many different ways.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Jardinet dels Gats team and their great work ethic.


Veterinary Respo...

Veterinary Responsible

Núria and Alegria are in charge of organising the cats' visits to the vets. They also coordinate the volunteers and manage who will be taking the cats to the vets and picking them up, thus ensuring that they receive the best treatment possible.

"Being a volunteer in the veterinary management team has allowed us to get involved and learn more about the world of cats, take better care of their health and well-being.

We appreciate the confidence that the Jardinet gives us by getting involved in this mission, in collaboration with the Feline Clinic, which treats our cats with sensitivity and professionalism, and provides us with continuous learning about our furry cats ".


Solidarity Shop

Solidarity Shop

Conxita is in charge of organising and selling Jardinet dels Gats merchandising

Botigueta Solidaria

Make request to

etc, in the fairs that we organise. In addition, she shows us how to make handicrafts, works in the Jardinet dels Gats shop on Saturdays to raise funds and is a regular artist with the goods that she makes to sell for the cats. The funds raised in these fairs are used entirely to look after the cats that live in the Jardinet.

"The most special regals fets with love because the cats of the street take a dignified life as it is deserve. Every vegada you buy, you help save lifes."


Observatory Team...

Observatory Team & Jardinet Projects

The Nayra, Alex and Gisela, are the volunteers that conform the squad of the Feline Observatory, a project that is born of the necessity to give response at many particular, entities, companies and public administrations referent at the cure, attention and management of the cats of street and abandoned of ethic way.

The feline observatory capitalises the experience of more of 10 years of the Jardinet at the cure of the animals of street and abandoned, to offer advice, training and accompaniment at the new creation of other initiatives and projects with the same aims.

"The passion for the cats goes further to carry out the process of rescue and search of adopters. We seek that all the entities, organisations and public administrations imply at a project of Community for the respect for the animal life and the nice practices of attention at the feline. "




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Monday’s v...

Monday’s volunteers

"Be a volunteer in the management team "El Jardinet is the extension of our families, because we do something to improve the lives of the precious kittens and create a community full of mutual trust.

The voluntàries share emotions, solidarity and generosity and uneix l'amor pels gats gràcies al Jardinet."


Tuesday’s ...

Tuesday’s volunteers

“The Jardinet is a squad that returns like a small big family, is very cosy and no search only home  at cats, but that tries to take care at his #voluntari@s. Tries to seek the best family for each animal, attending his necessities.

Being part of the Jardinet means to pose a spot of sand at saving a lot of lives of animals that are abandoned and that are in danger at the street. We hear that we aid at giving them one (second) oportunity."



Wednesday’s volunteers

"Out of the concern of wanting to help the animals arises our volunteering in the jardinet. It is a pride to be part of a great human team that contributes a grain of sand so that cats have a dignified life, with care and love. Dedicating our time to felines has also helped us to be sensitive to all animals, to want to be their voice and protect them. Being a volunteer gives us more than we give, it is a wonderful experience."



Thursday’s volunteers

"Being a volunteer at the Jardinet is an opportunity to put a name, a face, a story, a cat who has had a bad time due to human irresponsibility ... and actively participate to give a positive turn to his life."


Friday’s v...

Friday’s volunteers

"The being part of the Jardinet makes us hear peace while we work joined, also empathy at meeting persons of distinct parts in the world, where the fondness to the feline translates at making our labor with harmony and responsibility. We enjoy of the company of all, which thing has been us a lot of gratifying."



Saturday’s volunteers

"Volunteering in the Jardinet dels Gats has given me the great opportunity to better understand all the work, passion and love behind every rescued cat. It’s wonderful to see how all volunteers make the impossible to help each of our cats. The Jardinet dels gats is a refuge for people who is full of love, with a great commitment to do their best for our furry friends."


Sunday’s v...

Sunday’s volunteers

"We like to come to the Jardi because of how teamwork is encouraged and the commitment to personalized care for each of the cats.

For us it means that each one contributes what they can and when they can and thus we make a great team for the work of helping the little ones.

In the words of one person on our team: "it seemed like a magical place", we seem to give back a bit of what cats give us."