If you would like to help us there are various ways you can do so. We realise that not everyone has the extra time to dedicate to becoming a volunteer but we also welcome your help by the following ways:

  • By donating your unwanted blankets, bed sheets or towels. We in turn will use them to make our cats’ beds and houses more comfortable.
  • By donating us your old books which we can then sell on at second-hand fairs and markets in order to generate funds for our organisation. We only ask that they be fairly recent
    editions and in a good state.
  • By donating us your cat’s old toys you can help give a bit of life to the Jardinet. Our cats in the garden will be more than happy to make use of them.
  • By donating us your clothes & Complements in good condition, for our Solidaris MerCATs, which are celebrated quarterly. Our philosophy is second chances, both in search of homes
    for abandoned and street cats and to give a new life to clothes and supplements, which help us to raise funds for the care and care of all cats and kittens in the Jardinet and
    recatchers/des.It is a way to encourage Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

Please email us on if you would like to donate any of the above things mentioned.
You can leave it at some of the following Solidarity Donative Points:
We are always grateful that before leaving donations you send us an email to can assess each case and coordinate the collection.Stateholders, or donation points, are neighborhood shops that collaborate altruistically with our entity and it is important that we can calculate donations.

Local Eix Comercial Raval – Books, Clothes & Complements, cat’s material, food.
C/Nou de ka Rambla 14 bx 08001 Bcn
Monday to Fridays from 16 am to 19 am

Clinica Felina Barcelona – Only products by Gats (food, medications, toys, transporters…)
C/Marques de camposagrado 12 08015 Barcelona
Monday to Friday 10th to 19th Saturday 10 a 13h

Sangenis Pharmacy – Only products by Cats (food, medications, toys, transporters…)
C/Hospital 40 Low 08001 Barcelona
Monday to Friday 10th to 19th Saturdays 10th to 13th

Online Donations

You can now make donations in a simple and secure way using PayPal. All you need is your credit or debit card to make the transfer. To make a donation click on the button “DAR” (you don’t need to have a PayPal account, all you need to do is select the option “No dispongo de una cuenta de PayPal”. Use your credit or debit card and then click on “DAR”).

Make a donation to the Jardinet dels Gats via our bank account number

Making this donation can help us buy food and medication and pay for veterinary services. Don’t forget to put in the reference of the transfer ‘donation’.

You can transfer money to the Jardinet dels Gats Sabadell Bank account.

ES89 0081 1771 8500 0100 5706 putting as reference: “Donation”

CODI IBAN: 0081.1771.8500.0100.5706


You can donate to the Jardinet of the Gats to the BIZUM of the entity in 02287 (see Donar to Causa Solidaria and enter the Bizum number of the entity)

Sign up to be a Jardinet Teamer for only 1 € a month

You can become a Teamer, an initiative that collects only 1 € a month for the charity of your choice, by following this link:

You can donate to migranodearena
And obtaining the certificate of donations and tax deductions directly on their website, they can enjoy tax deductions in the course of the donations at the time of the deduction of income.”