How long can you foster for?
A set amount of time isn’t established in a fostering contract as this is something that the foster carer establishes in accordance with their availability and the needs of the cat waiting to be fostered. It can be for weeks, months or up until the cat is adopted.
What cats go to a foster home?
All kinds of cats can go to a foster home including a litter of cats, kittens, cats that can’t be looked after anymore by their families, abandoned cats, timid cats that need a quiet place to relax and learn to be amongst humans, cats on medication or cats that have recently had an operation.
What does a foster home involve?
It comprises a voluntary service which involves feeding and taking care of a cat, providing shelter and giving them love and support. If a behavioural problem or veterinary emergency arises when in a foster home, the Jardinet dels Gats association will assist the foster carers. The Jardinet dels Gats fostering team is there to support foster carers and solve any problems or doubts that may arise at all times.