My name is Karia, I am a cat adult. It makes some years arrived at the jardinet, was very scared so that they had abandoned me. After some months commenced at entrusting of new at the humans and the volunteers decided to seek me a home of acolliment. I take me well with cats and enchants me be accompanied. Since it makes some weeks lives at a home of acolliment and since the first day take me well with the cat of the home. At the human “storm” make it sleep calentita. Quan view it at the bed go and make the logical function of “cat-rug”, enchants us be together and would like me find a home to live happy!

I am esterilitzada, vacunada, desparasitada internal and externally, testada negative of immunodeficiency and leukemia and take chip.

At the end my human of acolliment has decided that it did not go me at ningun place and am very happy, has adopted me.

Thank you to read my history