This farewell has been written by Diana, her friend and foster carer.

Abi, my beloved Abi….I still remember the first day I saw you at the Jardinet dels Gats.

You were in a cage, stretched out over your cat litter box and hissing… I also remember the day that I decided to take you home and the trouble it got me into!

They told me you would only live for a couple of weeks more so I wanted you to be able to die in a home, instead of in a cage given that your past life had already been very difficult. I wanted you to die happy…..and looked what happened! You made it to five months! Probably the best five months of my life.

When you first arrived, you were very cautious and never came out from under the bed. You would only hiss and bite until, one day, you came out from your hiding place to seek company. You came out onto the terrace for a little sunbathe and then you returned to your little hiding place under the bed.

It was like this for some months however, slowly but surely we started developing a friendship. I also remember the first time I picked you up from the vets. You howled on the streets as though someone was trying to kill you! I spoke to you and held on tight to the animal carrier and you calmed down……

One day, you let me pet you and you started to purr. I couldn’t believe it! But you had an obsession with hands. Whenever you could, you would bite them…..and you bit me so many times!Now, I remember them fondly. I remember those many afternoons we spent together with you purring on my lap or when I would start to meow and you would answer me…..

I want to thank you for being in my life, as you made it better during the time you were with me. We will never forget you. Lots of love from Carme and Mihaela who have been with you every step of the way.

We love you, and you knew it.

With all the love in the world:

Diana Manciulea.