Bobo was from the Jardinet. He was a really good cat! At first, he had problems trusting us. He climbed up onto the roof and refused to come down, which is where he got his name from, Bobo, for not letting us love him. But Bobo soon learnt that in in our beloved Jardinet we only want the best for them. Then one day he became part of our lives. Docile and loving, Bobo was a friend to everyone and loved everyone. His sweet little face made us wonder how could anyone not want him, not want his company… Time went by….and we waited and waited…..until one day someone fell in love with him. Bobo then started to live in a real house where he was loved and cared for 24 hours a day. But fate is a cruel mistress, at least for those who least deserve it, and our little Bobo had only just started his new life.

We will always remember him as playful, alert, an expectant and trusting cat……all this time waiting to find a home……Now he’ll have other friends, other adventures await him, and other hands will pet him. You could say he returned to the roof…..whilst we’re looking up to him from below.