Hi, my name’s Bolo.

I’m a very elderly male cat and every day I’m more tired and with less energy; I have advanced kidney problems, but I live happily in the garden every day, where I’m treated very well. I was brought to El Jardinet after we were told that they didn’t want us in the controlled colony where we had been living for years. My brother was adopted and my sister, Ratolina, lived with me for many years in El Jardinet. I’m very lucky to live here because they really look after me. I know that everyone, feline companions and humans alike, has a very special love for me and they show it by keeping an eye on me, as they know that the time I have left to spend with them is short. They all make a real fuss of me. I love ham and, when they bring it, I want it all to myself. I’m even capable of running away from my friends to eat the lot on my own. If you want to win my heart, bring me ham. I’ll be really grateful.

I need sponsors for my maintenance and visits to the vet. If you want to sponsor me, complete the following form and the person in charge of sponsorship will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my story.