Caster was rescued together with Land (now happily adopted). Following many failed attempts, day after day of waiting, we finally managed to catch him. Whenever we rescue a cat, we always picture a happy ending for them…….health, love and quite possibly an adoption……but with Caster we never even got the chance to day dream. He was very ill and his visit to the vets was a long one. Caster perfectly contradicts the myth that “cats have a good life on the streets”. No sir, we’re not fooled by this. A cat living on the street doesn’t have a good life. Endure the cold and eat birds isn’t the way to live. Have litter after litter, and watch your babies die isn’t the way to live. Although we didn’t know Caster well, we can imagine how his life was. Enduring rough weather, fighting for food and finally…..dying.

We loved Caster and cried as if he was a member of our own family, because we understood his pain, and because we didn’t admit defeat nor will we ever. For every Caster out there in the world.