Cler very clearly had a gift, the gift of making you feel at peace and calm, something that I’ve never seen in a cat before ,and to date haven’t seen again. She was so tremendously sweet and loving, and one look into her beautiful green eyes would have you falling at her paws. She showed up on a building site. We don’t know how long she had been there….Even today when we see a sweet and special cat she always comes to mind, and we say that this is another Cler.

Our darling little kitty went too early for us to be able to find her a home where they knew and loved her. She got cancer and her little body couldn’t take it. Her little face, her little paws……everything about her was just so beautiful.

So her death was a severe blow, so much so that even today tears come to our eyes thinking about her. We’re sorry that she couldn’t be with us for longer, so that she could be loved and become a happy cat.