Fufo’s case is one that makes your blood boil, one that makes you lose all faith in humanity that is increasingly less humane. “They left” Fufo, a pure bred cat, in a pitiful state. His fur was in an awful mess and he obviously hadn’t been looked after. He also had a fracture in one of his front paws that hadn’t healed so he just stood up as best he could. A bunch of nerves and a state of absolute shock made Fufo extremely aggressive… he was in such an awful state. What also makes his case even less comprehensible is that, once at home, Fufo turned out to be so quiet, sweet and loving. We will never understood why people behave that way with animals…. After 13 long years, a lifetime, his owner simply didn’t want him around any more and worst of all, didn’t care what would happen to him….it’s so sad and disappointing.

Fufo was treated like a king in his new foster home! It seemed like one of those impossible cases whereby the cat waits and waits but a home never comes along…..then one finally did. Fufo was adopted, but his success was short-lived because Fufo’s life had come to an end.

After fighting like a champion and after, against all odds, being adopted Fufo fell into a final and peaceful slumber knowing that he was dear to, and loved, by all that had had the pleasure of meeting him.

Wherever he is, no doubt he’ll be one of the stars that shine brightest.