Hi, my name’s Griset.

I left Jardinet in 2021, after many years of living there since 2015 when we were moved to me and my sister Haiiro from another colonia.
I’ve lived very happily in the Garden and grateful for the attentions and mimos received.
I’m an older male cat and I’ve been living in El Jardinet dels Gats for a while now. I arrived a while ago with my lifelong friend, Haiiro. We’re both from the same colony and we get on really well. She’s adapted to our new home more quickly than me. It’s still hard for me to walk around the garden while there are volunteers feeding us and cleaning our home. Little by little I’m getting used to the new space and to the people, but I need more time because I get scared easily. I like being looked after by the volunteers, and the way they respect my space. Bit by bit I’m beginning to trust them more, and every day they put down food, biscuits and clean water for us. I get on very well with my feline companions. When there aren’t any volunteers in El Jardinet I walk very calmly all around the garden. I know that often the carers watch me from outside El Jardinet and it makes them happy to see me so settled with my companions.
Despite the fear that I still have, I know that here I’m in a safe place, full of love.

I need sponsors for my maintenance and visits to the vet. If you want to sponsor me, complete the following form and the person in charge of sponsorship will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my story.