We’re not going to lie….Koku’s story is a tragic one. Firstly, we don’t know where she came from. We only know that she showed up one day in the Jardinet in a pitiful state. Koku was quite an old cat, a house cat at one time with beautiful fur and a sweetness of temper. However age leaves its marks, or so they say, so Koku stopped being beautiful. She became an old cat with health problems, problems that her owners weren’t prepared to spend money on. When you looked at her small, sad eyes it broke your heart thinking about how unfair life sometimes can be to those who probably deserve more. But that didn’t put us off and we fought so that this beautiful cat could carry on ,even with untreatable mouth cancer. Thankfully, she spent her last few days in company, human and feline, in the way of Rosa, who loves older cats.

We like to think that Koku spent her last fews days in peace, tranquility and company, because animals don’t know what it is to hold a grudge and can enjoy the last leg of the journey knowing that, once again, she was the queen that occupied our hearts and our minds.