Hey! I’m Lola 10 and I’m a diabetic, I’m Atmetlla’s mother, Pintadeta y Negrito, I’m a great cat.
On 11 August, my body broke down because of a tumor and despite the care and control of diabetes, they couldn’t help anymore. And I crossed into the other Jardinet, thanks to Ylenia for ciuidaring , the Felina clinic and the entire Jardinet volunteer team. In my foster home and whom she adopted.
I came in with a urine infection, and after a lot of tests they found me a kidney stone, they operated on me and I lived for a while in the Jardinet being very much loved, I thank all the people who make it possible for kittens like me to have an end as they deserve, we know that you are a lot of people and you help in many ways, some voluntary pay, some are godfathers or madrines, other teamers, other co-workers, foster houses, and a whole human team that makes it work and keep it going.
Thank you for helping me cross the rainbow in peace on 11/8/22.
Many thanks
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