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Hi, my name is Spring.

I was rescued in the spring, hence my name. When they rescued me, they saved my baby’s life, too. She fell through a yard that was in ruins and could not climb. He spent three days unable to eat or drink water. Fortunately, the Jardinet volunteers were able to save her. It took them a lot to catch, because it was a very dangerous place, but they managed to do it. I am very grateful to you, because I was very nervous. My baby was adopted and I was also in a house with a family that gave me a lot of love, but I wanted to be free in a garden like the one I am now and I was crying a lot because I wanted to leave, so I am living in the Jardinet now and I am very happy to live in such a beautiful and clean place as this, because I used to live in a very dirty place with fleas, an inner courtyard where besides food and water we had nothing else, no shelter and no dignified life. I’ve adapted very quickly to my new home. I feel very calm living here and I am very good at all my fellow felines. I’m also very close to all the volunteers who come to care for us every day, though I’m not letting myself touch yet.

I lived in a colony with many more cats and I am very happy that all my fellow cats from before now are living here in the Garden with me!! They are: the Pipa, the Valeria, the Earth, the Princess, the Star, the Maya, the Rallitas, the Enndi and the Padrino.
I have lived very happily in the Jardinet and very much loved and cared for, thank you to all the volunteers who care for street cats and abandoned cats, godparents and madrines and teammen and co-workers, host homes and the entire veterinary team of the Clinica Felina Barcelona and Edgar Castro, for helping me cross the Rainbow in peace and love on 8/10/22.

Thank you very much for reading my story.