The nameless

We’re referring to all those cats, large or small, whose company we never got the chance to enjoy, whose time on this earth was fleeting, who were rescued too late…you want to kick yourself for not getting to them sooner. Lifeless little bodies eaten away by the fleas, drowned by the rain, too weak or ill to carry on……These are the ones that we didn’t get to baptise. These are the ones who don’t have a name but we’ll still cry for our loss as if we had known them all our lives. We know that what we do is not enough but we have lots of room for them in our hearts. Sometimes we imagine how their lives would have been if they had been able to carry on, if they hadn’t been abandoned, if they hadn’t died alone on the cold streets.

Because they also play an important role, in the lives of everyone. For this reason, we continue to fight for those without a name.