They gave me the name of Timida because I kept myself in the background, I was more shy and frightened. I had a lot of starvation as a child… He was very dependent on my brother Negrito, he was always on his side. Al Negrito was hit at the age of two.

My mother was also very frightened and very dependent on my grandmother, who guided us all the family. My mother was killed in a row and my grandmother in a dog attack. I stayed very alone and I had a very bad time, because I like to be with other cats. Then I joined Carlitos and we stayed to live the two alone in the same place.

The Carlitos had also lost his brother Paquete, who had down syndrome and died overhead, and his friends Blanquitas and Mel (one bleach died of kidney disease and the other, along with Mel, from dog attacks). He and I had stayed alone and they rescued us and brought us to the Garden,
There I have lived very happily in the last years of my life and I must thank all the volunteers and volunteers who have cared so much for me, until the kidney disease defeated me.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

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