Hi, my name’s Valeria.

I’m a young female cat and for a few months I’ve been living in this beautiful place. The first weeks of living in El Jardinet I was really scared and I always hid when I saw the volunteers, who look after us, arriving. However, I let them stroke me as they’re all very good to us. Every day, in my hiding place, they gave me wet food and told me they wanted to love and look after me. It was then that I started to come out to walk around the garden while the volunteers were there too. Now I feel very safe and protected here and I get on really well with my feline companions. What’s more, I’m very happy to have been reunited with my companions from before, as they’re now living here in El Jardinet with me! They are: Pipa, Spring, Terra, Princesa, Estrella, Maya, Rallitas, Endi and El Padrino.

I need sponsors for my maintenance and visits to the vet. If you want to sponsor me, complete the following form and the person in charge of sponsorship will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my story.