Responsible donations

Esther takes care of the sponsoring of the cats that live in the Jardinet. The sponsors are vital for the Jardinet dels Gats as they help us pay vet bills and care for the cats. Esther provides information and sends photos of their cat, or each of their cats, to the sponsors so they can see how they are getting on thanks to their donations.

Being a volunteer at the Jardinet has allowed me to meet people who, like me, give importance to the welfare of cats and all animals.

At Jardinet dels Gats, I have learned the importance of rescuing, sterilizing, finding a foster home for each cat and, finally, finding the best adoption home for each one of them. Also, it has taught me that you can volunteer in many different ways.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Jardinet dels Gats team and their great work ethic.