Hi, my name’s Isthar.

I’m an adult female cat. My kittens and I were rescued from the street, from a place where we were in a lot of danger. I’ve lived in El Jardinet dels Gats for several years. To begin with I spent many months living on the roof; I didn’t want to come down to the garden because I was so scared. After a few months I decided to come down to the garden with the rest of the cats. Then I discovered that nobody wanted to hurt me; that the people who came, and still come, to El Jardinet every day want to care for me and give me love. I like to stay a little way away from the humans, but now I know that where I’m living I can be relaxed. Vaca is my inseparable friend; we love each other very much. We always look after each other and clean each other. We like to spend hours together. I get on really well with the other cats too, but, as I say, my inseparable friend is Vaca.

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Thank you very much for reading my story.

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