Hi, my name’s Nero.

I’m an adult male cat rescued from a site in Barceloneta like some of my companions. Now I’ve lived in El Jardinet dels Gats for quite a few years. For a long time I lived on the roof with my inseparable friend Azul. I never came down to the garden, and every day, come rain or shine, they came up with a ladder to bring food and clean water. When Azul died, they told me to come down from the roof. They said that if I came down I would have company and, what’s more, they could look after me much better. They were right, now I have my friends and I always have clean beds ready to sleep in and, when it rains, I have little wooden huts to shield me from the rain and cold. I’ve adapted really well to living down in the garden; I’m very happy living here. Now I run and play a lot, something that before, up on the roof, I couldn’t do. I feel very safe and loved. If you come to visit me, you can recognise me easily, because I’m all black with a white tip on my tail.

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Thank you very much for reading my story.

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