Hi, my name’s Spring.

I’m a young female cat, not yet 2 years old, and I’ve been living in El Jardinet dels Gats for just a few months.
I was rescued in spring, that’s where my name comes from. When I was rescued, they also saved my baby’s life. She fell into a derelict courtyard and she couldn’t get out. She was there for three days without food or water. Fortunately, the volunteers from El Jardinet were able to save her. It was very difficult for them to get to her, because it was a very dangerous place, but they managed it. I’m very grateful to them because I was really anxious. My baby was adopted and I was also in a house with a family who gave me a lot of love, but I wanted to be free, in a garden like the one I’m in now. I cried a lot because I wanted to leave. That’s why I’m living in El Jardinet now and I’m very happy to live in such a beautiful clean place, as I used to live in a very dirty place, full of fleas, a courtyard where, apart from food and water, we didn’t have anything: neither shelter nor dignity. I’ve adapted really quickly to my new home. I feel very calm living here and I get on really well with all my feline companions. I also feel very close to all the volunteers who come every day to look after us, although I still don’t let them touch me.

I was living in a colony with a lot of other cats and I’m very happy because all my feline companions from before are now living here in El Jardinet with me! They are: Pipa, Valeria, Tierra, Princesa, Estrella, Maya, Rallitas, Endi and El Padrino.

I need sponsors for my maintenance and visits to the vet. If you want to sponsor me, complete the following form and the person in charge of sponsorship will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

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