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Sponsors play a key role in everything that is carried out within the Jardinet dels Gats association. It is thanks to their support and donations that we can look after and maintain the cats in the colony on a daily basis. We know that the cats in the Jardinet have all their basic needs, including food and treatment for parasites, catered for thanks to all our sponsors.

Thanks to the donations made by our sponsors we can buy all the food we need for the cats. We buy different varieties of canned wet food, some of which cater for the specific needs of the cats. We also buy high quality dry food as, throughout the years we have noticed that if the cats eat quality feed they are much healthier. The money donated by sponsors also helps us to pay the vets bills incurred by the cats in the colony. Sponsors can make a minimum monthly donation of €€5 or they can opt to make a quarterly or annual donation. Each individual sponsor decides how much they would like to donate.

We would like to point out that the money donated is symbolic as each cat receives the same level of care. As animal lovers, we will never let one cat have less than another.

Whenever there is any important news to share about the sponsored cat, we write an email to their sponsor, so that they are always up to date. We also send photographs of the sponsored cat. Sponsors can visit the cats in the Jardinet and their sponsored cat every Saturday from 12pm to 2pm, the day in which the Jardinet is open to the public.

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