Hi, my name’s Bastet. Hi, my name is Bastet. I came to the pregnant Garden, I was rescued from an area where they built a parking lot I had my puppies and found them home to all I lived in the Garden since 2009, I lived there until 2021, I had a good life. I’m … Read more


Hi, my name’s Isthar. I’m an adult female cat. My kittens and I were rescued from the street, from a place where we were in a lot of danger. I’ve lived in El Jardinet dels Gats for several years. To begin with I spent many months living on the roof; I didn’t want to come … Read more


Hi, my name’s Kinder. I’m an adult female cat and I’ve lived in El Jardinet dels Gats for a while. My name comes from ‘Kinder Surprise’ because I was rescued when I was pregnant and about to have my kittens. Luckily, I was able to be in a foster home during the birth and the … Read more