Hi, my name’s Bolo. I’m a very elderly male cat and every day I’m more tired and with less energy; I have advanced kidney problems, but I live happily in the garden every day, where I’m treated very well. I was brought to El Jardinet after we were told that they didn’t want us in … Read more


Hello, I say me Jack. Aabans to live at The Jardinet, lived at at the gardens of a hotel with two gatetes more and the cubs that went being born. The entity went the ones rescuing and donor at adoption until they could us seize for esterilitzar. Everything went well, lived calm at the garden of the hotel and the … Read more


Hi, my name’s Haiiro. I left the Garden in 2021, after many years of living there since 2015 when we were moved to me and my brother Grisset from another colony. I’ve lived very happily in the Garden and grateful for the attentions and mimos received. I’m an older female cat and I’ve been living … Read more


[su]slider source=”media: 1588,1587,1590,1589″ limit=”5″ link=”lightbox” height=”260″ title=”no” pages=”no” mousewheel=”no” speed=”1000″] Hi, I’m Marquesa. I’ve lived almost all my life in a sun. After six years of seeing the rest of the cats in the sun rescued, they took me out of trust. Very nice ladies gave me food every day and they always told me … Read more