Luna was rescued from a parking lot a few months ago, we don’t know where she came from, nobody claimed her, and she didn’t wear a chip, she’ll be fitting for a year in June, from what the veterinarians have said.
The Veterinary Veterinary VTI has passed.I is chip, sterilized, internally and externally dispossessed and negatively dispossessed by Felv and Fiv.
She is in a foster home and although she initially took a little bit of adaptation, because she’s a quiet, somewhat shy kitten at first, now snoring, climbing on the couch and loves to receive attention, though she doesn’t like being held in arms, like many other cats and kittens, so her times must be respected.
Now even when visitors come to the host house, after a while , he goes out to investigate and meet the visitors.
She is a very quiet and sweet cat, young and very careful to play, which she loves to do with all her toys.
She loves watching TV with humans, and especially sleeping in bed.

If you want to meet Luna, because you think you’re her ideal family, you can fill in the form or mail in the

All the cats and kittens in the entity before being given into adoption, an adoption process must be passed, and therefore patience is required in the times, since the entire team are volunteers who watch over the well-being of cats and kits rescued by the Jardinet.
They are donated under signature of adoption contract, giving conformity to the different clauses.
It donates 160 € in part of the veterinary expenses of the feline ITV.
It is an essential requirement to provide optimal protection for outer spaces, in order to prevent unnecessary accidents or deaths, and for these protections to be validated by the adoption team, in order to guarantee the well-being of the adopted cat.