Pau lived in one of the controlled colonies, located in Sant Pau. When he was removed from the area, along with his fellow cats, we realised that he was in very poor health. He was so thin and his fur was really rough….But he was a really cheerful and loving cat that won over any human that met him. The change wasn’t traumatic for him thankfully because he was with his lifelong friends, Brut and Felix, and he felt loved and protected.

He was a fragile cat but his presence instilled a sense of calm in the jardinet… aura of peace and tranquility…..we would like to think that he felt like it was his home, despite there not being a sofa, with all the love that you could hope for from humans. Pau started to sleep in one of the little houses, something that he’d never done before and our suspicions that he wasn’t well were beginning to be confirmed as the days passed. I would like to think that Pau found a home in the Jardinet, a place where he could be at peace, and where in the end, he left us to go to famous cat heaven. I also hope that he found in us a gentle hand that guided him on his way to a safe place where its never cold and it never rains, a place where his fur will return to its former fluffy glory, where the sunny days outnumber the rainy, and a home where a cat can be happy.